Dr Andrew Kim performs double eyelid surgery

i have three eyelids.. its that mean i have really beautiful eyes?

It is dangerous as well as take time to healing. There have a number of way to improve eye-sight naturally without taking any unsafe operation, you should find out about that when considering surgery.

Kinda sad how they wanna change their eyes just because people made racist remarks based on their appearance. I’m Asian, I have natural double eyelids, but I still get racist remarks sometimes. My point is that surgery isn’t going to stop people from being mean. :/

man eyelid surgery is NOT common in taiwan- you’re vietnamese bitch dont go spreading false rumors

my doctor who done my double eyelid surgery was very unprofessional , he has just cut very near the eyelashes which do not even form any crease even after the surgery now what has should be done to get bold and big eye how far cut has to above the eye lashes

I can’t believe what I just heard. Especially from that boy who’s only 15 and he wanted to get the surgery. That has to be one of the saddest stories ever omg. Even that girl talking about being insecure because of her race. All these kids dealing with racism from all those white people. I feel so bad for them

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