FAQ: How to make Asian & Hooded eyes look bigger

Hi Guys, Sorry I have been missing for a few weeks, been so so busy at work. Some of you may not know I am a full time financial planner as well as a free lance MUA, so things can get very hectic very quickly!

the product list i used today;
Base; Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
Foundation; Sephora 12 hr hydration serum foundation
Contour/highlight; Kat Von D Shade & light pallette
Blush; Benefit rockateur
Kohl eyeliner: Eye of Horus Goddess Pencil
liquid liner; PGT Eyeliner
cream kohl liner: Rimmel Scandalous
Lash Curler, Shu uemura
Lashes; Red Chery DWSP
Bottom Lashes: Ebay
Brow Pencil; Charlotte Tilbury- Ash brown
Eyeshadows: Too Face Chocolate Bar
Eva Perez Mascara
Clinique bottom lash mascara

Music: Radiate By Sami T, available on itunes… check her out, she is amazing!!!!

hope you enjoyed the video!
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20 thoughts on “FAQ: How to make Asian & Hooded eyes look bigger

  1. Looking gorgeous Miss Katie!  I loved the comparison – it didn't freak me out at all, lol!  I knew about the nude liner in the lower waterline, but I didn't know about doing black in the upper waterline.  For some reason, I thought that would make the eyes smaller, but I was clearly wrong. Great, informative vid!  :-)

  2. KATIE, why you leave me for so long time ;__; t'was worth it though! Love these ideas, and I have yet to experiment with lower lash extensions because I struggle with them on top as it is! But you such a pro with that application. TELL ME, WHAT IS ON YOUR LIPS, GIRL! I MUST HAVE IT!

  3. Oo I love your hair color! Are you wearing Cashmere on your lips?! It looks beautiful <3 Great tips Katie, totally have to try these

  4. Just found you!! You are awesome, girl! I subbed for sure! Please, pop over to my channel and give me a quick subbie sometime! ???

  5. awww Katie u do such an amazing job explaining!!! love ur gorgeous ring!  xoxo  I know u r super busy but i can't wait for our collabo muah

  6. You're toooooooo cute! Oh mmm gaa! I just found you on insta! Officialmakeupbyxtinaa :))Great video! Can we please be Youtube buddies?! Hehe.. XO

  7. This video is awesome so many great tips! I love how you shared the comparison it was so helpful to see and made it easy to follow beautiful tutorial! Xo rissa

  8. Hi ♥Katie♥ You Are Sooooo Supper Gorgeous Even Without Makeup! You Are Sooooo Lucky! I Would Rather Look Like You Then Me Any Day! ♥Katie♥ I Have a Question If You Don't Mind Me asking? Are You Mixed With Anything Else Besides Asian? I Can Never Use Liquid Eye Liner It Burns My Eyes, I Would Love To Find A Marker Instead! ♥Katie♥ No Matter What Look You Put On You Always Look Amazing! ♥Love You My Dear Friend♥ ♥Keep Inspiring♥ ♥Hugssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss♥ xoxox

  9. This was amazing!♥♥ Though i have very thick&long hair for my lashes and brow, i can never get eyeliner on my lash line and i have straight brows so theres little space to work with·_·

  10. This was so informative girl! Love the amount of knowledge you have! Tight lining makes such a difference but every time I do it in gets all over my contacts and makes my vision blurry 🙁 so I usually skip that step. Do you have that problem? What liners do you usually use for tight lining?

  11. Great tips, your eyes look beautiful by the way. Just subbed check out my channel when you get a chance, thanks in advance for the sub and ??

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