How to Make Eyes Look Bigger in 5 Minutes

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– Acuvue Define 1 day contact lenses in Brown
– ABH Contour Kit – Medium
– MAC chromagraphic pencil NC15/NW20
– MAC Rich Experience Liner

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Lighting: Stella Ring Light
Camera: Canon 70D
Editing Program: Adobe Premier Pro

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HOW TO: Make Your Eyes Look Bigger (Asian Eyes)

Here’s an updated video on how to make your eyes look bigger for asian eyes. These eye makeup tips also help with those of you with smaller, monolid eyes. I find that it can be harder for asians to achieve a smokey eye without having a deep crease, so hopefully this tutorial will help make your eyes appear larger and bigger! Enjoy. xo Jen

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How To Make Eyes Bigger & Rounder! (Asian/Monolid eyes) | C&C

Hey guys, here’s a few tricks that I use to make my eyes like more awake, bigger and rounder WITHOUT the use of lashes and contacts – because ain’t nobody got time for that. So check it out! xox

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (2 matte brown shades)
BY TERRY Crayon khol Waterproof Eye Pencil (holy black/brown)
NYX Wonder Pencil (light)
Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara (nior)
Shu Uemera Eyelash Curler
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Beginners Bigger Eyes Drugstore Makeup Tutorial ♥ Perfect for Hooded Eyes & Asian Eyes ♥ Wengie

JOIN THE FAMILY ➜ Use simple makeup application to get bigger eyes with only a few tools & drugstore products! See detailed eye makeup before and after’s throughout, it’s a perfect tutorial for beginners!
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I personally have asian eyes that have a hooded lid so this tutorial is perfect if you have hooded lids too or have asian eyes as it focuses on creating contours all over the eye and not blended crease looks. It’s also perfect for making small eyes bigger without putting on too much heavy colours and makeup!

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Trying on 6 Different Circle Lenses:

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The Right Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Technique Depends on an Individual’s Anatomy

A 15-year-old lady wants to have double eyelid surgery. After using tape, her eyelid skin was sagging and her creases are not forming well. She wants to know the difference between full incision and partial incision procedures.

Dr. Amiya Prasad, a cosmetic oculofacial plastic surgeon working in Manhattan and Long Island for over 20 years, has a particular area of specialty in Asian eyelid surgery. He does all the different methods and techniques and he customizes these to the individual. He explains that there’s no one best method, but there is a particular method that’s right for her individual situation.

To understand the anatomy as well as the genetics, Dr. Prasad explains that the patient must know the details of the eyelid structure. It’s understood that 50% of patients of Asian origin have an eyelid crease while 50% do not. Some may have a partial crease or multiple creases and they want to have one defined crease. The anatomy of the Asian eyelid is affected by the levator muscle that lifts the eyelid. Its muscle fibers go into the skin and create a crease. Every Asian eyelid surgical procedure whether it’s incisional, non-incisional, or partially incisional has to do with creating that connection.

Dr. Prasad makes a decision on whether or not to do an incisional technique versus a non-incisional by doing a physical examination. Through that, he is able to determine if there’s fat that’s getting in the way of the eyelid crease or if there is extra skin that is obstructing or overlapping and preventing a crease from forming. He also asks if there is ptosis or drooping of the eyelid. Drooping of the eyelid is also related to the levator muscle and we need to recognize that before doing the eyelid surgery.

For someone who is young, who doesn’t have fat and extra skin, Dr. Prasad’s preferred technique is a non-incisional procedure. The term non-incisional procedure isn’t quite accurate because by design, he is making little openings into the eyelid skin. He strategically places openings along the natural crease and through those openings, he passes a suture. Those sutures are responsible for creating that connection between the eyelid skin and the underlying levator muscle. There are techniques where he can do either a single suture or several sutures. It’s about customization and looking at the behavior of the eyelid when he is doing the procedure. He even asks his patients to open their eyes during the procedure. They don’t feel anything and it helps to position of the eyelid as he is doing this.

Since she is starting at the age of 15, she still has many decades ahead of her. As she gets older, things do change but she’s not going to change in her 30s, 40s and beyond. One of the concerns about the non-incisional approach is how well those connections form and will they last a long time. There is some variability in the longevity of the surgery. In Dr. Prasad’s experience, his patients look good and hold up for many years and that connection seems to work very well. However, she has to think about different skin types in terms of thickness, as well as lifestyle, eye rubbing, allergies and other factors that contribute to whether or not the crease holds.

Since she is young, she has to go with her parents or guardian to meet with doctors. She must have an understanding of what’s involved, what the procedure is like, and whether she and her parents are comfortable. There are have been many patients who come to him with their parents who wanted to have this done in a relatively young age like her so that as they got a little bit older, it was always as if they’ve always had the crease. It’s just seems a particular value that is important to some people who have come with their families for this procedure.

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Dr Andrew Kim performs double eyelid surgery

i have three eyelids.. its that mean i have really beautiful eyes?

It is dangerous as well as take time to healing. There have a number of way to improve eye-sight naturally without taking any unsafe operation, you should find out about that when considering surgery.

Kinda sad how they wanna change their eyes just because people made racist remarks based on their appearance. I’m Asian, I have natural double eyelids, but I still get racist remarks sometimes. My point is that surgery isn’t going to stop people from being mean. :/

man eyelid surgery is NOT common in taiwan- you’re vietnamese bitch dont go spreading false rumors

my doctor who done my double eyelid surgery was very unprofessional , he has just cut very near the eyelashes which do not even form any crease even after the surgery now what has should be done to get bold and big eye how far cut has to above the eye lashes

I can’t believe what I just heard. Especially from that boy who’s only 15 and he wanted to get the surgery. That has to be one of the saddest stories ever omg. Even that girl talking about being insecure because of her race. All these kids dealing with racism from all those white people. I feel so bad for them

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